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Tabletop Exercises


Be The Light

Tabletop Exercises

This an invitation for all of Us to come together and consciously create our reality.

We have seen the power of scripting reality

  through tabletop exercises like Event 201,

  sponsored by large organizations that have a lot

  of financial power.

Most of these scripts have created a current

  reality which does NOT serve humanity. It serves

  a handful of people who think they have power.

But we have the Same Power to script out the reality we

  want to create. So lets come together in local groups

  and use our energy to script out the reality we want to

  see. The reality which serves us in love, peace, charity,

  health, and sovereignty.

This site is a hub for all of those scripts to come together

  and further the power of our thoughts, desires, and

  energy into the creation of a new wonderous reality.


What is a Tabletop Exercise

A tabletop exercise is when a group (often large

  corporations,government department, etc.) meets

  to discuss various simulated emergency situations.

  Through the exercise participants can rehearse

  scenarios of how to respond in a given situation.

The largest and most common tabletop

  exercises, often put on by governments, are called   

  War Games. The most well known large tabletop

  exercise is Event 201, which simulated a global

  corona virus pandemic in Oct. 2019.

The Be The Light Tabletop Exercises are slightly different. 


Instead of war games, we are simulating out

  Peace Games. 

Instead of pandemics, we are simulating

  a World of Health.

Instead of terrorist attacks, we are simulating

  Loving, Diverse, Creative Societies

Instead of emergencies, we are simulating

  Harmonious Realities. 

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How It Works

Consciously Creating Reality       Together

Invite a group of conscious creators to your Be The Light

  Tabletop Exercise. They can be friends, family, or other

  awakened people you have met during 2020. The size of

  group is up to you. Even if it's just you by yourself, it is


Each person in the group picks one aspect of life that

  they are passionate about that needs to change in the

  world. The universe is the limit!


Each member creates a script about the world from the

  perspective of the reality they want to create. The script

  can be in the form of a government report, news/media

  article, or PSA. (Or really, whatever creative presentation

  your imagination overflows with).

Then you are going to run the exercise. Set a date and

  time to gather. Hopefully your group can meet in person

  so that your energy fields resonate with each other. If     

  you cannot meet in person, that is OK too. It is the

  energy and intention behind the words that has the

  power to create.


Each person presents their script to the group.

  After your exercise has been presented, share       

  those powerful scripts here, so we can all see

  them and compound the creation energy for those


Ideas of Areas for Change

Here are a handful of areas in our reality where we may want change. But please do not limit yourself to these.

  We need your imagination and passion to envision all areas of life where we are fostering love, peace, joy,

  passion, health, and sovereignty!


   Food & Nutrition

     Regenerative Agriculture





   Family Life

    Community Relationships

 Social Life


   Natural Building  

Off Grid/On Grid Solutions   

Community Design 

    Spiritual Awakening

     Ritual & Initiation

  Religious Community

Symbiotic Living   

Honoring Mother Earth    

Nature's Wisdom  


Health Care 

Holistic Health   

Terrain Theory 

 Currencies & Exchange of Goods

   Local Economies



     Energy Systems 

       New Energy  

     Fuel & Transportation


Government Structures   


Personal Sovereignty   





 Free Speech

   Open Exchange of Ideas 

 Productive Debate


Your Fabulous Ideas Here!

Creating Your Script

We are using the power of scripting to create our reality. It is the energy and intention that effects the Field

  around us. Create a news article, media segment, community report, PSA, or whatever creative way that moves

  you, to present to your Be The Light Tabletop Exercise group.


  Here are some things to keep in mind:

download (13).jpg
  • Pick an area that you are passionate about. An area you can really feel into.

  • Use all of your Imagination to visualize the reality you want.

  • Keep it in Present tense. Write from the perspective that what you are creating is currently happening, or recently happened in the past.

  • Emphasize what you want to see! Not what you don't want.

  • Write from a mind frame of peace, joy, and happiness for all beings. Many of these areas we may feel anger or resentment about what we are currently seeing. If you find yourself feeling negative emotions while writing, Stop!  Take time to process those feelings. Then start writing again when you are coming from love and compassion. The energy behind the words is the true power.

  • Be Specific. Include details that really make your script paint a picture.

Historic Win for Fluoride Action Network:
All fluoride removed from water across the world.

Official Report

Economic Impact of Local Banking on Small Business

     Since the implementation of state and local banks in almost every city in the state, the number of small business has tripled.  Small business loans with local lenders have increased by 120%, giving way to thriving economies. Many owners have reported being able to hire workers more workers at double the pay from five years ago. As a result, unemployment has dropped to less than 1%...

download (17).jpg
download (16).jpg

The Age of Health

How Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health
Heals All Life
Small Groups Across Nation Create Independent Sovereign States
download (2).jpg

Running Your Exercise

Gather your Be The Light group. You may want to video or audio record your whole exercise. If so, figure

  out how you are going to record. Eventually a platform will be created either on Youtube, Bitchute, LBRY,

  etc. to upload and share your exercise with the world. If you do not want to record that’s fine too. This is

  mostly about putting the energy into the Field. Coming soon to this website will be a way to upload your

  scripts for others to read to boost the energy of your script.

Set up a specific time allotment for each presentation and let each person know how much time they

  have to present. After each presentation, you may want have some time for follow up comments or

  questions. Share all of your scripts and have Fun.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • At the beginning take a moment to ground as a group.

  • Prepare to be great actors. You want to get into the mind space that what you are presenting IS your current reality.

  • Feel the Love & Abundance you are creating.

  • Be open. Someone else's script may not be exactly what you want. And your's may not be exactly what others want. As long as we are working towards Love, Peace, Joy, Charity, Freedom, Sovereignty, and Abundance, we should be good to go. It is mostly the energetic intention behind the script that has the power.

  • Questions and comments should be empowering  for the script presented. The presenter is sharing good news. Fell the good news!

  • You can watch the large organization's events to see how it's done. But I hate to give them too many views.

   Coming Soon
  • Video Platform for posting recordings.
  • Way to upload scripts to share with the world.

Be The Light 


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Register Your Group

Momentum comes from all of us consciously creating our reality. Let us know your group is adding to the power.


  • Group name

  • Number of participants

  • Location (however specific you would like to be)

  • Date of your Be The Light Tabletop Exercise

  • Let us know if you would like to post your group name and exercise date on this site

Help Needed

I have so much hope that the Be The Light Tabletop Exercises have a magical effect on our realities.

  To be honest though, creating something like this is new to me. So if you would like to help out with

  this Conscious Creation please email me at the address above.

Looking for Help:

  • Creating social media pages. Youtube, Bitchute, etc. for video/audio recordings.

  • Expanding this website to upload each groups scripts.

  • Website management

  • Server space to load all of the scripts.


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